Counting my blessings


Today’s Thoughts

Well, there have been many! I had a wonderful day with my family and so most of my thoughts have centered around the theme of how happy and lucky I am!  When I was younger I used to constantly ‘count my blessings’.  I knew I had a very priviliged and happy upbringing, and I was determined not to take it for granted.  I’m generally a positive person, but over the past year or so I have been very busy at work, and I have found myself grumbling or complaining about things more and more often.

Maybe this is the influence of my work colleagues, who don’t have many good things to say about work, and come in every day complaining about the boss/ their husbands/ their children/ the builders etc.  It seems that if you come in with a happy story you are just trying to make everyone jealous, so instead everyone is complaining.

Or maybe I should not blame them and just realise that it is my own fault that I have become more and more negative.  Why should I complain?!  I have a job that is mostly a lot of fun, I have a beautiful new flat, I have a fantastic boyfriend and I have a wonderful family.  Tonight, I am counting my blessings again.

This is what I could be thinking right now:
Flat: suffers from damp, will be awful over winter.  Have to spend hundreds of pounds buying new fridge and washing machine.  Needs a clean right now!  Ugh.
Boyfriend:  Isn’t getting on with his dissertation even though it is due in in less than a fortnight. Grr.
Family:  I probably won’t get to see them now for ages.  😦
Work:  It’s monday tomorrow and I’m going to have to clean the lunch area.  Kids might be sick again.  Ugh.

But why would I want to allow myself to spend any of my precious moments thinking of those things?  It would just make me upset, angry or stressed.  So, this evening, and from now on, I’m going to be thinking more along the lines:

Flat:  Has a massive garden, is close to shops, is a lot bigger than the old one and is oozing with character!  Yay!
Boyfriend:  Is relaxed and happy, even though he’s been quite stressed recently.  And was amazing today with my parents and cleaning the flat.  Yay!
Family:  I had such an amazing time with them today, Yay!
Work:  I have no workshops all week, and will be able to catch up on some of the things I couldn’t before.  Also I can try out the new First Lego League mats, Yay!

Ooo lovely, now I’m feeling all satisfied, happy and relaxed!

Thought of the day:  Count your blessings!  Seriously, do it!  It could ease relationship problems, sort out that stress-related migraine and generally make you happier.

I’m going to try changing my outlook on life so that it is just more positive overall.

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