Wibbly Bottom


Welcome to my blog!

Despite the title ‘Wibbly Bottom’, this blog is actually very meaningful and deep!  It is the results of lots of hmmmmmm- ing and wondering and mulling and chewing over things.

Whenever I have a ‘deep’ thought, I tend to mull it over in my brain a lot.  To avoid me having the same mulls over and over again, I’ve decided to write them down as a blog.

So please note, the ‘thoughts of the day’ at the bottom of each blog are for myself, to remind me when I mull over these topics again that I have already come to some kind of conclusion for each one!  In essence, I’m writing myself a guide for life.

Feel free to read it too, maybe you’ll agree with me or maybe you’ll disagree.  Either way, it will get you thinking.


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