Yom Kippur


My personality has gone through rapid changes during my childhood.  When starting secondary school I decided it was going to be a new start, and instead of being shy with only a few friends like in primary, I was going to be outgoing and funny and make loads of friends!  So I did.
Then in year 10 or so, I decided that I was going to be more friendly to everyone in my class, not just the popular kids.  I ended up making much better friends that way!  When I was 18 I decided that I needed to be more assertive and to stick up for myself, so I did.

Now I am in my 20’s, I am not going to stop thinking about how I can continue to improve and work on myself.  I should be continuously learning.  I’m not perfect, no one is, and so I am going to try and improve myself throughout my life.

On Yom Kippur you are meant to think about the past year, and all the bad things that you did.  I don’t really want to write all of that here, but you can get an idea from this list of things I want to improve!

Be more supportive:  I need to be more supportive to my boyfriend who is working hard towards Phd.  I find myself scolding him for not working hard enough when he has deadlines coming up.  Now I know from his previous assignments that he always gets it done, and he always gets brilliant grades, so I think I need to trust him that he will do it, and not become a nagging girlfriend for no reason!  Instead, I am going to support him in ways that I can.  Maybe by cooking dinner, or going for walks with him on his nights off.

Don’t make fun:  I sometimes laugh or say horrid things about other people behind their backs.  I’m sure most people do it too.  Either making fun of a celebrity, or criticising teachers at work, or complaining about the boss or colleagues or laughing at someones outfit in the street.  It’s easy to do because it makes people laugh, or it makes for a good conversation.  But I would HATE it if someone said anything like that about me.  So I’m going to try and stop it, and not join in when other people do it.

Keep in touch:  I’m quite bad at keeping in touch with my family.  I always wait for my mum, grandma or sister to phone me.  I never phone them.  This is so bad!  They must think that I don’t care about them at all.  I love getting calls from them and yet it never occurs to me to phone them.  I’m going to phone them more often, or email if I have less time.

Be less lazy!:  This one has been on my list for a very long time, but every year instead of being less lazy I seem to become more lazy!   See, even now I’m blogging instead of doing the washing up!  I don’t want to be lazy.  Being lazy is easy but is generally not good.  You get fatter, you get less fit and you get hardly anything done in a day!  I don’t really like lie-ins, but I do need to stop having afternoon naps!  I need to stop putting off housework and I need to stop eating rubbish just because it’s easier to cook.

So, that’s my list.  For now at least!  Think I can do it?  Well, we’ll see.

Thought of the day:  You are never too old to change.  You are never too old to learn.  As well as having the usual new years resolutions, you can try to improve your personality too.  Hopefully by the time I am 100 I will be Mary Poppins, ‘Practically Perfect in Every Way’!

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