Loft building


We took a week off work to use up holiday and decided to use the opportunity to do a big activity: boarding our loft!!

There are 3 reasons that we needed to do this:
A) There were things living there and we wanted them out
B) As interest rates are so low at the moment it is a good time to invest in your property
C) Our study is starting to fill up with junk that could be stored in a loft

It was our first DIY project together and overall we did quite well! We overestimated both time required and costs so were happy with both when we were done. This is how we did it:

1. watch b&q YouTube videos on how to board a loft
2. Go onto one of the cash back websites or your work rewards site to get money off vouchers for b&q or the like
3. Empty your loft

Now I wish I had taken photos of this stage! It only took us about an hour to take our belongings out of the loft, but there were 3 large piles of wood and all the current loft boards in there. Turns out the previous owners were ‘wood hoarders’!!

The current boards were no good. They were old bits of doors, headboards, chunks of wood and old pallets. Most weren’t strong enough for us to stand on or had been placed along the joists instead of across them. A lot of them were wobbly! Taking out all the wood took us a day.

Ladders and old wooden gardening tools were hidden under a pile of wood

Just some of the wood we removed! You can see Simon hiding at the back

4. Lay insulation
There are lots of types of insulation and technically if you’re putting loft boards down you should put foam board insulation between 2 layers of boards. But we just put insulation between the joists under the boards. We added more insulation across the joists on areas that weren’t boarded.

We had recycled plastic bottle insulation which was good because it’s not itchy and it can just be torn to the right length rather than cut.

On the insulation you can see our wallboard used to get around. These should span at least 3 joists

Ok, I’ll admit, we didn’t lay all of this. It was actually there already! Lucky us! πŸ˜€

5. Board the loft
You will need: lift boards, circular saw, set square, pencil, drill, screws, mask and goggles.
This was by far the most time consuming and skilful task. I left it to Simon while I baked cakes!!
Each loft board has to be individually cut to size as they must meet the next loft board on the joists. Make sure they go across the joists. You will need to drill holes and countersinks in every board before screwing in.

That’s about as far as my knowledge goes! Now for some wonderful ‘after’ photos!





I think for Simon and I this was more restorative than an actual holiday. It’s taken a load off our minds and we’re now able to store all our clutter there neatly! I think we surprised ourselves with how well we worked together on this. I was really pleased that this was something where I could contribute a lot too (even though I wasn’t allowed to touch the circular saw!! πŸ™‚ )

Next DIY task – building a shed!!!

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  1. simon says:

    It looks pretty decent up there in the photos, thanks for the write-up Rach!


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