I am neeeeded


Imagine what it would feel like to have people begging you to stay in your current job for an hour.

Ironically, in my job they have only given me a short term contract. They can fire me at any moment and I know that they are already considering the date that they can get rid of me. Despite feeling like I am on a knife edge, I know that I am needed here. I am necessary. The work that I am doing is potentially saving peoples lives. I know that my hard work produces great results. But despite this, my employers would never beg me to stay. The difference is that this is a fairly unskilled job. If I go, someone else would take my place.

Everyone likes to feel needed.
Everyone NEEDS to feel needed.

If you’re not doing your job because your employer needs you to do it, then you’re doing it because you / your children / other half need you to do it.

So here are some notes for myself for my next job hunt. Feel free to use!


1. What are your unique selling points? What makes you more important than other people? What makes you ‘unreplaceable’ in the workplace? This may be your vast network of contacts, your knowledge of a specific peice of software, your strength or your brute persistence…
2. How could these be used? If your selling point is your strength, then it’s unlikely to be needed in an office environment!
3. What do you really believe in, what are you passionate about? Work for soemthing you believe in and you will feel needed regardless of whether your boss appreciates you or not.

If that all sounds too difficult then…


1. Bite off more than you can chew. Always tell people that you ‘can do that for them’. Be the person who willingly accepts more work.
2. Make sure you are always working overtime and you are always busy. If you don’t have enough work, expand it to fill them time. If you are there for long hours then your work must be necessary!
3. Convince yourself that the workplace would collapse if you weren’t there. And take on that attitude as well. Scowl at colleagues who arrive late. Stamp around in your power heels. Make sure everyone knows that without you this place would fall apart!
4. Provide for the company financially. Buy a long handled stapler, some pairs of scissor, a hole punch. Then tell everyone who uses them that they are using ‘your’ equipment, and what would they do if they made you leave?!

Now, let’s all feel sorry for those poor lottery winners without jobs. How are they needed?

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