What’s the point anyway? (this gets a bit deep!)


All through life I’ve worked hard because teachers and society promised me a fabulous future if I did.

Now I’m here, in this fabulous future (and yes, it is fabulous!) I’ve achieved what they wanted me to achieve. But what has happened to my purpose? Previously, my purpose was to get to this point. Now I’m here, what is my purpose?

I could set myself a new goal to work towards. Perhaps a dream job/ a diet goal/ a new house? I could create a pinboard of images and motivational quotes to help me get there. But when I’m there I will be in the same position I am now. Goal-less. I would then have to consider a newer goal and my problem will constantly renew.

I could devote my life to a particular passion. I could be passionate about work, religion, politics or people’s rights. I could devote my life to Freeing Tibet, becoming senior partner, converting the damned, saving the polar bear or the starving children. A whole life. A whole life, dedicated to one passion. But then how would I choose a passion? What would happen to all the things I wasn’t passionate about? What if I only have mediocre feelings for everything? What if I believe that ‘what happens, happens’ and my involvement will not change anything?

The passionate people, or the goal-driven people, are the happy ones with a purpose in life.

The indecisive among us, those of us who can’t muster enough passion for one thing or another, who see 3 sides to every story, who cannot simply choose when faced with a fork in the road….what becomes of us?

We ask the questions:

“Why am I here?”
“What am I in this world?”
“What is the point?”

For the easily persuaded, the notion that your life here is a ‘test’ or a ‘practise’ before heaven is a welcoming answer. Immediately they are given a goal – Get into heaven!! and they have a purpose.

I am not fooled. Goal-driven people may see heaven as the goal, but what happens when they get there? Once in heaven they will have achieved their goal, and once again will be goal-less. They will feel as purpose-less as they were on Earth. What is the point of heaven anyway? If having a goal or purpose equals happiness, and happiness equals heaven, then there must be a purpose to heaven. Would my need to have a goal disappear in heaven? Would I want it to??

The more difficult answer to those big questions, the one that is harder to digest is that we have no purpose. There is no point. We are merely perpetuating the human race. As individuals we are pointless. As a race…well no one knows the point of ‘humans’. So our lives have no purpose, no meaning, no point. Is there any reason to be here??

“What am I in all of this?”

Well, I am an insignificant me. I am here, regardless if there is a reason to it or not.

I could pick a goal, pick a passion, change my goal, change my passion, or I could just…live!!!

Living with no purpose, point or orientation…how hard can that be?

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  1. Gary says:

    Children take-up an inordinate amount of time/input/organisation/work/money. They are for life and an excellent distraction for 20 years or so.


    1. rachel says:

      Haha good plan! Maybe thy should be my goal and then I’d have no time for thinking about the meaning of life at all!


  2. sabryna says:

    good luck with just living! you need money to just live, therefore a job is needed.. life in itself is a vicious circle… its lucky you have me in your life – soon to be round the corner.. you can come and help decorate 😉 xx


    1. rachel says:

      That makes life sound rubbish! Not the decorating but the vicious circle bit. I should probably point out that I’m not feeling suicidal, just philosophical!


  3. Ed Broyd says:

    Isn’t choosing to “just live” setting yourself a goal of “just living”….?


    1. rachel says:

      Are you saying it’s impossible to have a goal-less life? I’m sure there must be some people who go around not planning much! Although maybe their goals are just short term e.g trying to score that night!!


  4. Tom says:

    Very astute. I find it very difficult. I’ve not given up on the idea that there IS an answer, but i find myslef unconvinced by the majority of answers I come up with; as such i’m stuck in some indecisive spiral.


    1. rachel says:

      Well how do you decide anyway? Without knowing one way or another you’d have to have immense faith to stick to one idea without questioning the others


  5. Toddy says:

    Is life about achieving goals or is it about finding interesting ways of using your time? Is it a problem to have achieved a goal and need a new one or is that an opportunity to do something else new and rewarding? It’s way more fun to be doing up your house than to have a house that is already perfect.

    (Excuse the thinly veiled clichés 😉 but I think they are oft iterated because they are true!)

    Perhaps you should try writing a book? You seem to be good at writing 🙂


    1. rachel says:

      Yeah I suppose. I have always set out to have experiences and try new things. Hence a very dramatic honeymoon rather than a chilled one! So I guess my life is made up of experiences and learning? So then my goal is just to experience more! Seems rather self centered though?

      Writing a book?!? Nah I hate writing!! I only do this because once something is out of my head it stops buzzing round my head and I can relax a bit!


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