No posts for a while!


There has been quite a lull in posts as my usually whirring brain has actually had to be thinking about day to day life a lot more.

I quit my job and then, less than 2 weeks later, realised I was pregnant! So I have been very busy throwing up and sleeping and going on holiday a lot! We’ve been calling the baby ‘plum’ since it was plum sized. It’s now quite a lot bigger but plum has stuck!

I googled “pregnant and unemployed” today and it turns out that there are quite a lot of women in my position- where they have either been fired or quit and unknowingly snookered themselves into not being able to get another job. Getting employment with a bump is not easy.

In my case quitting was not such a big deal, I only had 2 weeks left on my contract anyway, and thankfully I have a husband who can support me. If I needed to, I could probably get temporary receptionist or office temp jobs to tide me over until the baby is born.

I feel lucky that I am in a situation where I can be supported. I found the first trimester so difficult. I was prepared for morning sickness but I had no idea the level of tiredness that came with the first months of pregnancy. It was like having flu- some days I could barely lift my arms and legs!

I am in awe of women who work through this time. Most women keep their pregnancy a secret, and I don’t think pregnancy is usually allowed as an excuse for falling asleep at your desk or errors in your work! How would you explain rushing off to throw up so often and would you then clean your teeth in the bathrooms where a colleague might ‘catch’ you?

I am so glad I didn’t have to go through that!

Being at home for the duration of my pregnancy so far has not been dull or boring at all. I have slept a lot and there has been a lot to do while awake:

– make lunch and dinner for my husband
– clean (well tbh I haven’t been doing much of this, I’m getting there though!)
– prepare the home for plum by decluttering and organising
– prepare the garden for plum (at the moment it is mud!)
– visiting parents, sisters and other relatives
– reading, watching tv
– being creative and playing piano
– writing to old friends

I’m going to start making something for plum like a quilted blanket or something else cute. I made a leather case for my ereader and was so pleased with it I now want to do more creative things.

I doubt I’ll run out of things to do, and I’m so glad I’m in a position where I can make sure we are really ready for plum when he/she arrives!!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Rach, I should have read your blog before I phoned you.
    Well now I have caught up with whats going on I can relax.
    So glad you are feeling better and that ‘plum’ is moving around.
    The excuses for feeling tired are never ending, you have always
    been tired and ready for a sleep since you had rhymatic fever, or whatever it was, and your trip round the world.
    This will be the making of you, as you will have ‘plumk’ to look after
    as well as your husband.

    Lots of love to you all


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