Baby blanket practice


My mum is knitting a baby blanket, and my grandma is crocheting one. I am so grateful and it’s inspired me to try and make something for plum too.

Unfortunately I cannot knit or crochet, despite trying!! But I have done textiles GCSE so I figure I’m qualified enough to try and sew a blanket!

I found a wonderfully easy method on YouTube here and so this is my first attempt.

First I cut 2 squares of really random sizes and hemmed them quite badly.


Then I decided last minute to appliqué something on the front, and found a cute elephant pic that I could cut around.


This is when I hit my first challenge- changing the thread and the bobbin on my parents old NewHome sewing machine! Eeek!!

Thankfully there was already a white bobbin so I just had to put it in and rethread the machine. Success!!!

With my newfound confidence I decided to get really ambitious! I stuffed the elephant with quilting stuffing and decided to sew an ear and eye as well. This is all quite possibly out of my league!!

Hmmm yes so not great…but not too bad either! Rather novice like with some suspicious looking bits on the elephant’s belly, some gathered material on his rump an a whole patch on the top of his head where I was sewing with just the bobbin because the machine broke, but I didn’t even notice!! There’s also a missing tail which I don’t really know what to do about…

So that was the crazy bit done! Now for the ‘simple’ blanket!

I did the 4 sides and was quite pleased, I had remembered a lot from Mrs Gledhill’s class (apart from which way to put the pins so that you can sew over them!). I’ll admit though, by the time I got to the corners I was hot and bothered, and getting frustrated with the machine that kept unthreading the needle when I wasn’t looking!

The corners were not easy but I was determined to finish because in all honesty, I did not want to get out this sewing machine again! My back was hurting and the sun was tempting me outside while I was in with this:


I tried the corners. I failed the corners. I unpicked with a pair of scissors and tried again. And failed again. It could be my shoddy measuring or cutting of the material. It could be the material getting warped when I hemmed it. Or it could just be my lack of patience and attention to detail.

Every corner ended up a different side and strange looking. I ripped the fabric, ripped apart seams, re-sewed them and got generally frustrated. I had to pull apart and re sew a whole side where I blatantly can’t sew in a straight line and a whole load of material was folded in. At this point, I gave up!



My mum thinks the problems have come from not measuring the material. Yes, quite likely!!

On the plus side, I can stuff it with a cushion and I doubt my little baby will even notice 🙂

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