Pregnancy Update!


Pregnancy Update

I am now 5 months into this pregnancy and right in the midst of the ‘happy trimester’ stage! I’m really loving it at the moment, and thought I’d summarise the ups and the downs so far.


The ‘OMIGOD I’M HAVING A BABY’ feeling that comes randomly every now and then! I quite often forget I’m pregnant, it can’t be on my mind 24/7, and I love the feeling of realising again that there’s a little baby growing in me. I have this about once a day, best feeling ever!
My bump! I didn’t like it at first as I felt that I just looked flabby and fat, but now it’s reached that perfect size where it’s obvious to others that I’m pregnant and yet it’s not big enough to be uncomfortable or difficult. I have not yet had any problems moving around or managing it, it is still quite dinky. The only problem comes when I’ve got bloated (after every single meal) and I can feel my skin stretching. I blow up like a balloon!
The kicks! This little boy is active and full of energy! I first felt him move the day after my 16 week appointment. It seemed really early but it was definitely him – the butterfly flutters that everyone talked about. The kicks have gradually got stronger and now I am getting hits and kicks at the same time. They are wonderful and make me giggle a lot! They are still small enough to not hurt me at all, they are just fun 🙂 I’ve only managed to see my tummy move from a kick once, there is still a lot of growing to be done.
The excitement shared by family, friends and neighbours. This baby is not just our business. Everyone that knows is happy for us and asks us questions – I love it! It really fills me with a great warm fuzzy feeling to know that so many people already care about this baby and I know he will be loved and cossetted and probably spoiled quite a lot!
Generosity of others. We have been overwhelmed with how incredibly generous people are. I have had some kindly donated books and maternity clothes from my aunt and we have already been offered 2 highchairs! We also have a whole box of baby boy clothes from when my brother-in-law was a baby (he is now 12!) and so we really want for nothing at the moment.


The ‘OMIGOD I’M HAVING A BABY’ feeling that comes randomly every now and then! This is the more panicked version where I feel unprepared and confused. I panic that the flat is not tidy enough, that we don’t have enough room, that I’m not going to cope with the crying, that I’m not going to cope with the sleepless nights, that I’m never going to have a small belly ever again etc…. It thankfully doesn’t last too long, but I know I need this every now and then to kick me up the backside and get me sorting out that nursery room!
Throwing up. Morning sickness was bad in the first 3 months, and although it’s much better now, it’s never really gone away. I can have a few days without throwing up but generally if I don’t keep my belly full then I throw up. This is one hungry baby and my body reacts to a lack of food quite drastically! I am currently on a diet of 3 breakfasts, 1 lunch, snacks and 2 dinners. I normally throw up one of the breakfasts. Forget ‘little and often’, I am doing ‘a lot and often!’
My weight. I have been stressing too much about my weight. I only put on 2lbs (from 8st 3lb to 8st 5lb) over the first 4 and a half months. I found it worrying as my bump was also incredibly small for a long time and whilst other people who were less pregnant had hard, obviously-full-of-baby bumps, I only had my flabby tummy to show. Thankfully in the past couple of weeks I’ve put on another 2lbs and my belly has grown SOOO much that I’ve ended up putting a whole sack of my clothes in the loft!
Sleepless nights. Since about 2 months pregnant I’ve been getting up to go to the loo 4 or 5 times a night! It’s not a problem, I can catch up during the day. It’s just a pain and I think I’m disturbing my husband a lot! I suppose this is a kind of preparation for what’s to come!!

And finally, here are some bump photos…. 🙂



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