Into the third trimester!

I’m now 6 months pregnant! I think I have only just now started to accept the knowledge that I’m going to have a baby. I’m still firmly in denial about the whole birthing process though :s

My belly has recently grown an enormous amount! It’s now very obvious that I’m pregnant when you look at me, and people I pass in the street sometimes stare at my belly! According to my sister I am developing a ‘pregnancy waddle’!

Plum is very healthy, he now has a bit of a routine. About 5am to 7am is Plum’s kickboxing lesson. He then has baby disco nights at 6pm to 8pm. He is getting stronger and stronger every day. His kicks are feeling much more prominent and it’s possible to see my tummy moving around now. He really likes chocolate! He responds by kicking and going a little crazy about 5mins after I eat it. I wish I had such a strong sugar rush!

Plum also goes a little crazy every now and then, turning and kicking and going crazy non stop for about half an hour!

I’m feeling much better, throwing up has completely stopped and I don’t have any aches or pains yet. I also have a great job which is nice and easy and I’m surrounded by nurses so I feel very safe every day! I’ve finally hit the 9st mark 🙂 currently doing a lot of pram research :). I’m liking the look of the Uppababy Vista and the Babyjogger city mini GT at the moment!

I took some belly photos last week, but we actually think I’ve grown since then!
Here they are:



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