What my grandma taught me

Lessons in life don’t always need to be explicitly taught. I’ve learnt these things through the way my grandma lived her life, the way she treated us, and the responses of people around us. She taught me a lot, my grandma, and I will miss her.

  • Your family is the most important thing in the world. Make an effort to keep in close touch with your parents, siblings, children and grandchildren. Phone regularly, visit often.
  • Friends are also important. Go out of your way to see them and stay in touch.
  • Always be available. Make sure your home is always presentable and approachable. Let your family know that you and your home are always there for them, that they can visit whenever they like and that they will always be welcomed.
  • Be a great host and FEED your visitors! Offer food, more food, and then some more food! God forbid your visitors would go hungry! Apologise for there not being enough, or it not being good enough, then feed them some more.
  • Make an effort to look glamorous. Take pride in your appearance.
  • Try not to complain. Avoid being a burden or imposition on anyone.
  • Enjoy life! Sunbathe, smoke, drink, watch tv, party hard! Let life be fun!
  • Spoil your grandchildren!
  • Find yourself a good husband. If at first you don’t succeed at this, try and try again!


  • Then there’s the advice she gave me in written form, I didn’t learn this from her actions and it seemed to be her only regret – save money! đŸ™‚

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