7 month update


So, what’s new with Plum? Well he’s bigger so his kicks are more like thumps and it is possible for him to hurt me with them! He rolls and somersaults a lot less but still can.

He really strongly reacts to tea, so I’ve been drinking decaf but he reacts to that too! Turns out the heat or cold from a glass of water is enough to get him kicking!

Antenatal classes have been eye opening! I really didn’t realise how much I didn’t know! We’ve covered birth (unfortunately not as simple as giving a little sneeze and it popping out!) and coming up is how to look after a baby, which will probably terrify me even more than the birth stories!

These classes have really brought it to home that our lives are going to change and never be the same again! We’ve had lots of friends tell us to appreciate this time and make the most of it. So with that aim we had a really indulgent weekend appreciating being child-less!

There are some things you can’t do with children, but unfortunately can’t do while 7 months pregnant either! Like theme park rides, flying to the Caribbean, and drinking! But these are the things we did get to do:

Drinks at a swanky bar – well, we had drinks at restaurants! We found it was a great way to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy chatting to each other without the hefty food bill. Chatting to my husband was the best thing about the weekend for me. We had time for proper conversations, not just discussing what was for dinner or our plans that week!

Shopping! – we did some Xmas shopping and had a nice break for hot chocolate too. We ended up sitting next to a couple with a 9 month old who became a little obsessed with my husband’s face! Chatting to the couple and seeing them chase after their little girl really made us committed to making the most of the time left where we’re just ‘2’.

Going to the cinema – wow prices have gone up since when I last went! We saw the Hunger Games and it was great!!

Having a lie in – we had some lovely lie in’s! I think we only got out of bed by 1pm on Saturday! Breakfast, newspapers, tv, tea…it’s all better in bed!

Dinner out – had to be done, dinner in a restaurant 🙂

Spa day – we had our own homemade spa evening where my husband indulged me and joined in with the nail painting and face masks! He did have to watch an action film and stoke up the fire to get his manliness back but it was so lovely pampering each other and treating each other!

Camping – it’s winter so we only actually went as far as the lounge! We put our bedding on the floor, the fire was lit, and we switched things up by changing which side we slept on! Better than a hotel I think!

Spontaneous trips! – 9.30am on a Sunday morning I announce to my husband that I’m going to drive to the seaside an hour away. For the morning. Why?! Well because I can!! I won’t be able to when I have a crying child in the car, or perhaps I just won’t have the energy to!

Playing music loudly in the car – I think I’m going to miss playing music and singing along! I’m not planning on bowing down to my child’s every demand but I’m sure there’ll be times when I want to sing loudly but don’t want I wake the baby. So I sung all the way to the sea and back again!

It was such a fantastic weekend! We tried not to think too much about how much we were spending, and instead just went and enjoyed ourselves!

I woke up Monday morning sad that it was over, but hopefully we will have a few more days like that before plum comes along. It’s given us a really good time to appreciate how much we love each other and bond more as a couple. I feel like we are a really strong team now and we can handle the next stage of our lives together.

7 month photo:


And my favourite photo from the weekend!


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