8 month update

I can’t quite believe it’s been 8 months. In some ways it feels like the time has gone quickly, but in other ways it feels like this pregnancy is never ending!

Between 5 and 8 months I had a pretty idyllic pregnancy, with no problems either with myself or the baby. I have a feeling that this last month is going to be difficult though as I’ve started suffering from sleepless nights, leg cramps, back pain and just generally struggling with all the day to day activities I would normally do.

I now feel very pregnant, and if you look at the photos of Plum you can see why! My belly has grown stupidly big in the past month. According to growth charts he should be about 50cm by now- which is a third of my height!! Everything seems like hard work and I have started cutting down hours at work.

The biggest effect of the pregnancy has been the emotional roller coaster that I appear to be on. One moment I’m crying that we’ve made a big mistake, our lives were so perfect and now they’ll never be the same again! Then the next moment I’ve spotted a babygrow and I’m cooing and getting all broody and teary-eyed over it!

The most momentous emotional occasions have been:

1. When a couple from our ante natal group brought in their newborn! We all got a bit teary (well, the women did!) and I had this sudden realisation that very soon we would have our own little one to hold and cuddle and stare at for hours!

2. My irrational emotional panic that due to some genetic mutation my baby would be born black. Now I’m not racist, but if my baby had a different colour skin then everyone would think that I had had an affair! I started crying at the thought of my husband, parents and midwives not believing me! I have since broached this topic with my family, and they are now convinced that I’m trying to prepare them for the truth that I have had an affair!!!

Yes, hormones are making me think crazy things and act in crazy ways. Xmas was stressful and my poor husband has had to cope with me crying in the car for a long stretch on the m25, screaming at him and also coping with my non stop kisses when I’m in a good mood! He seems to be coping with it all very well :). He maintains a great, constant level of emotion- he’s my rock! I don’t think we would be able to cope if we were both as emotional as I am now!

So, only a month until we get to meet Plum- or possibly earlier! I’m feeling impatient, scared, excited, terrified, ecstatic and miserable all at the same time!

8 month photo:


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