1 week to go!!

The past week I feel like I’ve been in some kind of birth preparation program! It’s been very therapeutic and I’m happy to say that I am no longer terrified of the birth. I’m not excited yet, I guess I’m now kind of patiently calm about it.

So, the birth preparation/ therapy has involved:

1. After the 2 week update I had some amazing comments from friends and family who have given birth, and they really managed to comfort me and give me more confidence about the whole thing. There are 2 things that have made me happier:
1. One person pointed out that although I may have been in pain before, it was never to get such a lovely outcome. Pain feels different when there is a purpose to it.
2. I was also told by lots of people that hormones kick in which help, and there are plenty of pain relief methods out there!

I have had so many people say ‘well it can’t be that bad or people wouldn’t have 2 children!’ which is also strangely comforting, because surely not every second or third child in the world is an unplanned mistake so I guess it must be worth it!

2. I have also this week had the pleasure of the company of a friend with her adorably cute 3 month old boy. I cannot describe how cute this child is! We bonded with a little conversation, and a lovely hug, and I held him so that he could watch the fascinating cement mixer out the window. He smiled the most lovely little toothless smiles and he only cried for 30 seconds in the whole 4 hours he was here! Husband also got a hold and I think it’s fair to say that the broodiness has come back!!

It was lovely seeing him play with some of the toys we’ve got for plum and lying on the playmat – it really helped me imagine and visualise what our lives are going to look like when Plum is here. My negative image of a messy home and being covered in spit, sick and poo got replaced with this lovely image of a little boy playing with toys in the lounge.

3. I’ve just had a lovely deep bath with cup of tea, while listening to Sigur Ross and Eva Cassidy – bliss!

I ran through in my head the milestones of the pregnancy so far-
From showing my husband the pregnant test to our NCT babies being born one at a time! (I’m due next!)

I realised that I’ve been growing Plum since he was, well, plum sized!! And I’ve managed this far without getting stretch marks or piles, or losing control of my bladder, or putting on loads of weight, or throwing up in a public place or even throwing anything at my husband in a hormone induced rage! So the little recap made me feel quite glow-y and proud of myself and if I have managed to get this far through pregnancy then I’m sure birth will be a breeze! (Haha!)

In other news – nesting has been happening in force and my amazing husband and I spent the whole weekend painting. This has been on my to do list for 2 years – a baby coming is a good spur to get things finally done!

We’ve also this week had some gardeners come and build a whole patio platform in our garden which looks stunning! Photos will be up when the sun comes out.

Overall – a rather busy week, but I’m now feeling a lot more psychologically ready for Plum! One more half day of work and then I’ll just be waiting…in a patiently calm, not terrified, kind of way.

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