9 month update

There’s no Plum been born yet, and I’m not getting any signs that he’s planning on leaving any time soon.

I did try to use ‘Sod’s Law’ to get him to come out, hoping that he would just love to make me have to cancel getting my haircut or cause my waters to break in a crowded restaurant, but nothing happened!

I’m in limbo at the moment!

It does mean that I’ve had a lovely week chilling out (although I do feel like I’m skiving off work!) and we’ve had some free time to chat about what kind of parents we want to be.

Here’s some of out parenting goals. You can remind us about them when Plum is 5 and we’ve failed on every one!

  • We will try and be good role models
  • We will encourage him to be independent by not doing things for him that he can do for himself and giving him options
  • We will appreciate that he has lots to learn and help him to learn everything through teaching him E.g. Self control, patience, how to wait in turn Etc.
  • We’ll try not to shout too much. If Plum does something wrong we will take time to explain what he did wrong and what he can do to make it better
  • We will not get competitive with other parents!
  • We will not let children’s toys take over our home
  • We will respect him by talking to him and letting him know the days plans and sharing our thoughts and emotions
  • Plum will always know that he is loved
  • And now for the 9 month photo! The last one!



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