2 weeks and still alive!


We’ve survived two weeks! Yayy! Plum is still alive and we haven’t even dropped him! Not once!

It’s been an absolutely lovely time getting to know Plum properly and seeing him develop so much even in such a short time! His face and head shape are back to normal after being stretched by the ventouse, and he is getting his baby fat and chubby ness so every day he looks rounder and stronger.

This is him newborn:
Reuben at 10 minutes old
And this is him now:
We have learnt a lot in these weeks:

  • Plum cries the most when his nappy is being changed
  • He likes his crib to be warmed up before he uses it
  • A smile or Elvis lips means he is farting
  • An ‘O’ shape mouth, smacking lips together or fist in mouth means he is hungry
  • A screwed up face with kicking means a big poo is on it’s way!
  • Yellow poop is better than green poop as it means he is getting nutritious hind milk
  • There is nothing sexier than your husband holding your baby!

Little Plum has learnt a lot too. He has learnt:

  • He has many admirers and is well loved! In the first week alone he had 13 visitors who have all held him and met 6 neighbours
  • Hands make good dummies! From the start he would sometimes accidentally end up with fingers in his mouth and he would suck on them. He has gained a lot of control of his arms since then and now routinely puts his fist in his mouth to soothe himself when we’re changing him
  • his parents are there for him. His crib setup means that it is the same height as our bed with no wall in between. This means he can just open his eyes and be reassured that we are next to him. It also means we can respond to his needs before he starts full blown crying.
  • how to latch on. We want our children to be as independant as possible. The Montessori philosophy we are following is ‘Help me to do it myself’. The midwives showed me how to grab Plum’s head and pull it towards my boob to get him to latch but I found we ended up with a better latch when I just held him nearby and let him move his head himself to latch on
  • how to concentrate. We have been trying some other Montessori activities like watching mobiles and letting him lie in front of a mirror. He really liked the mirror from about 10 days onwards, and seems to be using it to understand his arm movements
  • how to read! This has shocked me the most. We had some ‘baby shapes’ books which just have black and white shapes on each page. At 12 days old he spent a long time staring at each page and even made a noise to tell me to turn the page. He has done this twice now!

We’ve also learnt something that we’ve been arguing about: my singing. When in the womb Plum would kick every time I started singing. My husband said he was telling me to stop but I was convinced he loved it!

Well we had a particularly grumpy grisly baby one day this week, so I tried singing and he quietened straight away. Yup, he loves my singing!

So overall a successful 2 weeks! I did have to beg my husband to take a few more days off work as the learning curve has been pretty steep! I’ve still not spent a whole day alone with him yet and have had a lot of support from my mum. I’m sure the next 2 weeks will bring up more challenges as his lungs get stronger and his cries get louder!

Taking one day at a time and just enjoying being a mummy at the moment 🙂

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