Where did that month go?!



Unbelievably Plum is 1 month old today! 4 weeks ago he was brand new and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Now I’ve had a month’s practice I know exactly what to do. Only kidding! I still feel like a lost beginner and I have a feeling this won’t change!

It’s been a steep learning curve as Plum found his lungs at 2 weeks and is now making good use of them.

Here are some things I’ve learnt that can hopefully help new mums too.

Baby wearing is awesome! If Plum is crying then a sling or carrier can put him to sleep pretty quickly, or at least make him calm. We have 2 – the NCT Caboo and a second hand mothercare one that is more similar to a Baby Bjorn. I have found it’s best to get him in it before that crying becomes uncontrollable screaming. It’s a great preventative! According to research, babies that are constantly carried are much quicker to calm when they cry.


Accept help from family and friends. I’m so happy that Plum has reached 1 month. I would like to say a big thank you to my mum and sister for all of their invaluable support!!


Most babies have reflux or wind or both. I would just do all of these things anyway as they seem to make babies happy:

  • Put the crib at an angle so that if he has reflux it’s less likely to come up.
  • Thoroughly burp your baby after every feed
  • Give Infacol and Gripe Water a try if baby keeps having problems
  • massage the tummy and pump his legs if he has wind
  • Those things have all helped Plum but he still gets seemingly painful wind so we’re thinking about cranial osteopathy – anyone know about this?

    Get out the house. I have been out the house a lot recently with Plum. We’ve mastered the sling, pushchair and car seat! We’ve even got the hang of driving the new car! Getting out and about has been essential for my sanity and Plum seems to cry less when we’re out doing things. I have loved meeting up with people and the rare March sunshine has meant a lot of lovely walks too.


    Do it your way. Don’t get too hung up on following a particular ‘style’ of parenting or any routines if you don’t want to. Mix and match what works for you. Here’s my little Plum using a dummy because he was comfort sucking and I couldn’t take it any more!


    Babies cry. I’ve read that the crying usually starts at 2 weeks, increases in volume and duration until they are 6 weeks old then slowly decreases until 3 months old. So it appears I am at the start. I’ve just got the hang of not crying when my baby is crying and also catching the cries and starting the soothing before it turns into all out screaming! We had a night with no crying at all last night which I’d like to try and repeat!

    Sharing the experience helps. Thank you for reading this! Recording Plum’s milestones and my feelings makes me feel like we are going somewhere and achieving something. Hearing that other people are going through the same thing makes it all feel so much more manageable!


    One month….wow…unbelievable!!

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