Baby first month must haves


I watched loads of those ‘things you need for your newborn’ YouTube videos when pregnant but actually looking back my list looks completely different.
In case I have a second child, or if anyone reading this hasn’t got through the first month then these are my top 10 things you need:


  • 1. A Smartphone
    Most of the month will be spent trapped under a sleeping or feeding baby. With a smartphone you can play games, phone people, look at baby apps and google like crazy when your baby is acting strange or you spot a rash. It’s also useful to have a camera on hand all the time for that overload of cuteness! Yup, I would say this is the number 1 most useful thing to have if you’re having a baby. In fact, I have a baby asleep on me while typing this!
  • 20140320-172704.jpg

  • 2. A bedside crib / cosleeper
    Most babies seem to have a strong dislike of Moses baskets. Unsurprising really, considering Moses was then put in a river and left to an unknown fate. If your baby doesn’t like their bed then almost certainly they will end up in yours! Cosleepers provide the best of both worlds- the baby has their own space but can still see you and it’s easy to move them from their space to yours for feeding and hugs.
    For a reason I can’t understand, Cosleepers are ridiculously expensive! An alternative is to do what we did: buy the cheapest Mothercare crib, add some feet so it matches your bed height (we just added some from IKEA) and take off one of the sides or attach it lower down. These cribs are often bigger than Moses baskets so the baby can share your room for longer.
    Make the crib extra cosy by warming it with a hot water bottle and create a ‘snug’ by rolling up a towel and putting it inside a pillowcase in a ‘U’ shape.
  • 20140320-161927.jpg

  • 3. Mirrors
    My baby loves staring at himself! He moves his arm backwards and forwards repeatedly when in front of a mirror- it’s instant entertainment! We have one next to the change table which acts as a distraction from the horrors of nappy changes and another that we usually prop up next to a sofa and plonk him down next to it.
    Mirrors are the secret to me being able to go to the toilet or make a cup of tea in peace!
  • 20140320-162326.jpg

  • 4. A Nightlight
    First on the list of things to teach a baby is that daytime is day and nighttime is night. It’s done by keeping distractions at night to a minimum- no talking, as few nappy changes as needed, no playing and no lights! We keep a night light on constantly at night so that feeding can be done in bed without any lights being turned on. After a burp it’s straight back to sleep.
  • 20140320-163011.jpg

  • 5. Snugglebundl
    This was on Dragon’s Den and although none of the dragons went for it my grandad saw it and bought it for us as a gift- thank you Grandpa!
    It is basically a blanket with handles but I can’t believe how much we use it. It is one of the only ways we can get him to sleep, by rocking him in it or just carrying him round the house in it.
    We also use it to transfer him from home to car seat to carrycot etc. It stays underneath him and he doesn’t stir at all when we use the handles to lift him up. If I tried to lift him normally then he would definitely wake up! We love this product!
  • 20140320-164854.jpg

  • 6. A boppy or Breastfeeding pillow
    We used this as a Breastfeeding pillow, as a little seat for him and also just as support when holding him. It’s especially useful for older or younger relatives who want to hold your baby but need some extra support under their arms.
  • 7. Muslins
    Muslins are so useful or as an alternative are the inserts from reuseable nappies. Just keep a lot of small ones round the place ready to mop up milk/ sick/ dribble etc. We keep one on the crib, one by the change table, one at my ‘breast feeding station’ and another in the lounge.
  • 8. Water bottles
    Put them everywhere! Especially if you’re Breastfeeding. For some reason the moment he takes a glug I get the most intense feeling of thirst! Also useful when you’re stuck under baby. Keep hydrated 🙂 You can also leave lots of snacks around the place but they tend not to last for long. We have one by the bed, one at my ‘breast feeding station’ and another in the lounge.
  • 20140320-165249.jpg

  • 9. A big cosy blanket
    Keep a blanket on the sofa so that when the baby falls asleep on top of you you can keep warm. Lots of cushions for back support and a footrest are also useful. Make sure it can be reached easily from wherever you are likely to be sitting.
  • 20140320-165932.jpg

  • 10. Slings
    I don’t know why I put this last! My sling / baby carrier is like a magic pill that sends my baby to sleep! Not all babies like them but I think most do. Definitely a top item! I have one that is more like a wrap (NCT Close Caboo) and one that is more of a carrier. We use both- the wrap is better for my back but he calms more quickly in the carrier.
  • Other essentials:
    Changing mat
    Baby wipes
    Easy to do up baby clothes

    I think that is it! Have I missed anything?

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