Smiles and conversations


We have smiles!!


It was an early Mother’s Day present! We had a friend come round and her baby girl was smiling at me so much. I asked her to teach Plum how to smile and that afternoon he did!! Great big smiles!

The next morning we woke up to grins and chuckles. It is so heartwarming and precious! I think each smile compensates for about 5 minutes of crying or 1 minute if screaming. Unfortunately, along with the smiles we have also had a big increase in crying so Plum owes me some more smiles!


One of my favourite things about his development are his little coos as he learns to make sounds other than crying. He makes an adorable ‘uh ooooh’ sound. I can’t help but smile and look at him when he makes it. We love having conversations with him! I have a video that I’ll put up.


In other development news, he hasn’t started grasping but has started reaching up and hitting his mobiles or hanging toys. Whether this is by accident or purposeful movements is hard to tell. The look of concentration on his face is impressive- if the movements are purposeful then he is really striving to hit those toys!


He is still enjoying the mirrors and now combining tummy time with the mirrors.


Breastfeeding is still going amazingly well. I still thank my lucky stars that it’s been a breeze since day 1. We’ve never had any problems to overcome and he munches away in any position very happily.

I have tried expressing and it’s hilarious! I do it by hand and feel like I’m milking a goat! It comes out in streams in 3 different directions! I know that this is what breasts are for, but I still find it really bizarre and rather comical when I’m ‘milking’ myself!

The problem with expressing is that he is refusing the bottle which is surprising as he has no problem with dummies. Anyone have any tips?

At his 6 week check we found he had put on 300g since the previous week and is in the 98th percentile for height! My belly must have been restricting him and now he can reach his full potential to be as tall as his daddy!

So, crying still happens more than the smiling or cooing but I’m getting better at soothing him using the 5 ‘S’s and the smiles do compensate a bit!

Overall, we’re very proud of our little (big!!) one!


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