2 Months and going strong!



Two months in and not only is Plum still alive but we are thriving! Our days are an idyllic mix of smiles, dribbles and farts. From him, not me, I should point out!

Actually he’s not really ‘Plum’ anymore. He’s long ceased to be plum sized and now he’s in the 99th percentile for height I have conceded this little nickname and replaced it with another – Roo.


The sun has been out and we have been having a lovely time! I haven’t had time to miss work as our social calendars have been busy with something every day. I’ve found that either he cried less, or I just notice it less, when we get out the house.

I have started to really realise that we have aneasy baby. (touch wood!) Lucky us! He does cry, and today was a particularly grisly and grumpy day, but hardly any of his crying has been inconsolable. Most of the time he just wants to be jiggled and held or he has wind coming out either end. Actually I’d say 90% of his crying is wind and the other 10% is overtiredness. Once we recognised the reasons why he was crying, soothing him became a lot easier. On most occasions we can stem the crying before it becomes a full blown screaming fit.


Yep, Roo is our little angel! However, I have really been enjoying those moments where he’s asleep or not there! He can now take a bottle of expressed milk so my husband and I had a date night where we got tipsy and enjoyed each other’s company with no interruptions. It was great to have the freedom to eat with both hands rather than one hand and the other holding Roo!

I’ve noticed that I’m actually missing my husband’s nurturing side. With both of us looking after and nurturing Roo we aren’t always able to look after each other. Pre- baby my husband would give me back massages and we’d cuddle on the sofa. I had time to listen to how his day had been and cook dinner. Now we both have to look after Roo and there’s no time or energy left to spend time looking after each other.

Last night we had cuddles while Roo slept and I realised just how much I enjoyed being wrapped in my husband’s arms, feeling loved and safe and cared for. It was a lovely change to be receiving the comfortable hug rather than giving it. I’m looking forward to Roo giving genuine hugs back!


We are a little family now! We still get those moments of ‘err…we made a baby!’ And ‘where did that baby come from?!’ But we are starting to get used to it!

If I could change anything it would be to make pooping less painful and for him to be less windy!! But seeing as these are things I can’t change then I’m just looking forward to him growing out of it. We’ve just started baby massage classes which is lovely for bonding and I think it might help.


Now Roo is 2 months he is smiling lots, holding his head up, watching tv, cooing, hitting his mobiles and he even rolled over from front to back a few times! He is much more aware of what is going on around him and there’s signs of thought going on- e.g. He starts crying when he sees me holding the medicine bottle!

Daily life is getting easier and we’re really enjoying being parents 🙂

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