A Busy Day!


A typical day in the life of Rachel and a 9 week old Roo (with extra spiders!)

Before my husband went to work I showered, put the dishwasher on, put a wash on and then got back into bed for Roo’s first feed. I felt like supermum as I fed Roo, expressed milk and (technically) washed the clothes and dishes all simultaneously! Women from the fifties without these mod cons would have been very jealous!

Yummy expressed milk!

The great advantage of having machines to do the washing is that there’s more time for fun! We enjoyed a really beautifully sunny walk to a friend’s house for baby massage class. I think Roo enjoys it as he cried both before and after the class but not at all during it. We’ve incorporated some massage into his bedtime routine and it seems to relax him.

Relaxing after the class

After a quick stop to buy nappies (no photos of this as frankly supermarket shopping is a bit dull!) Roo played at hitting toys:

Toy bashing

He was quiet for long enough for me to make some roasted vegetables with lemony couscous but I had to take a break to settle him before he let me eat it!

It was pretty tasty!

At this point Roo decided to go for some all out screaming. I’ve found a solution to this is to visit my mum as seeing her makes him inexplicably quiet and calm. In fact, he was so calm he slept for almost 3 hours when we arrived!

Grandma thinks he’s an angel

I managed to nap while Roo slept and the idea was that my mum could look after him. Well, remember that lovely bottle of yummy expressed milk? Roo decided to outright refuse it so my nap was cut short. He didn’t refuse quietly either! Thankfully he drank it the next day otherwise I would have been very annoyed!

So after waking up to satisfy his longing for milk direct-from-the-breast, he was then all smiles and played with Grandma for ages with his rattle.
This rattle entertained Roo for almost an hour I think!

It got close to Roo’s bedtime so the crying started in earnest and only stopped on the journey home. Then it started again. Driving while trying to ignore a screaming baby is hard work. Then a GIANT SPIDER appeared in front of my eyes! I sit very close to the windscreen and so it was about 2 inches away from my face!

I have had a previous giant-spider-on-me-while-driving experience and I can assure you, it’s not nice and rather dangerous. I’ll admit I swerved a bit.

The spider was an active one. I watched, (whilst momentarily glancing at the road), powerless, as it walked in front of me then breathed a sigh of relief as it walked down the windscreen towards the dashboard, a considerable distance further from my face. Then panicked again as it ran back towards me!

I got back home and almost hit a few cars as I tried to parallel park with the spider now on the car ceiling one inch from my head. I threw open the door ready to push him out and of course he ran across the ceiling and stopped just above Roo’s car seat!

Screaming ‘I’m coming Roo, I’ll rescue you!!!!’ I leapt from the car, ran round to the passenger side, threw open the door to face my nemesis but it was…gone.

So now I’m refusing to get in the car until it’s found and removed. (My previous giant-spider-on-me-while-driving experience resulted in a repeat encounter when I didn’t ensure he had moved home before getting back in the car. I’m not making that mistake again.)

Roo crying. Probably because I’ve written more about a spider than about him.

Then we went to bed and eventually my husband came home after partying the night away. (Me? Jealous? Yup…)

Overall a rather eventful day!

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