Baby wearing gone wrong


This is a photo of me wearing Roo. I’m not actually doing it right in this photo as he should be high enough for me to kiss his head. But that’s not the point, the point is that I was happy. Really, truly happy.

I love baby wearing and this carrier, the Connecta Solarweave, had just been passed down to us by my generous aunt. It felt amazing!! In this carrier Roo feels as light as a baby doll! I could wear him for hours in it! Really no back pain at all. Not a bit! I actually forgot I had him strapped to me.

This photo was taken at the end of Roo’s first trip in the Connecta. After it was taken we put him in his car seat, drove 5 minutes to a garden centre and then put him back in it. At this point he was awake and decided he hated the Connecta and would never use it again!. Since then, no matter how happy a mood he’s been in, he starts crying as soon as I put him in it.

I can’t work out if it’s hurting his legs or if he is just being contrary and decided he hates it because mummy loves it! He’s also decided that he doesn’t like his other soft carrier (the Caboo) and doesn’t love the Mothercare carrier as much as before- it seems to have lost its powers of making him magically fall asleep. So I’m left with just a pram or carrying him in my arms.

What is going on?! Has my little 11 week old baby suddenly progressed to a new stage of independence?

I’ve started to realise that one day these lovely baby cuddles are going to end 😦 Once he can crawl and get away from me, will he ever want to be near me again? If, at 11 weeks, he is already expressing a strong preference to be at arm’s length from me then what will he be like as a toddler? Or as a teenager!? Maybe I should just cut off his legs so he can’t escape…. And keep his cute little toesies in a jar….and if he tries to push me away with his arms then they can go too. And he can just be with me all day every day and we can just cuddle for ever and ever! Am I starting to sound a little crazy? I just want my boy to stay close to me!!


I really hope this isn’t the end of carriers for us as getting the pram in and out the flat is a massive faff and is a bit overkill when I only want to get just one thing from the shop which is 2 minutes away. I’m going to keep trying. My next plan is to sneakily put him in it when he’s asleep! I’m also going to head to a sling meet to see if there’s any others out there that he’s more fond of. I think a structured carrier might be more to his liking. Do you have any ideas or tips that could help?

Edit: I’ve now been to a sling library and have been taught how to put him in it properly. Essentially I wasn’t putting enough material under his bum. He now loves it and all the I the slings we’ve tried from the library!

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