Development at 10 weeks


Roo has found his feet! He just loves staring at them and whenever he is sat up he wants to lean forward to look at them!


He has also started trying to roll and there’s a variety of movements that he keeps trying. He gets frustrated when on his tummy but does do tummy time for up to 10 minutes. One day he really persevered to get to his toy. He did manage to shuffle forward a bit and ‘launched’ himself every now and then. It was quite difficult to watch and I ended up giving him the toy. Turned out he wasn’t really interested in having the toy after all! He was just enjoying the challenge!


This is by far his favourite toy now! It’s called a Skwish I think. His tiny hands can grab the wire or posts but he doesn’t really understand grasping yet. At this stage he just sticks his hand towards it and his hand kind of gets stuck in it so he can shake it and bring it up to his mouth that way. It makes a lovely noise!


I’m amazed at how strong he’s getting. Babies are pretty tough! I love his posture in this photo, wish I had the core strength to do this!

I just can’t get over these developments. He is changing so much, so quickly! I love him so much! 🙂

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