3 Months! Where has my newborn gone?!



3 Months!  I’m a big boy now!!


I got a text from my cousin last night when she was having a night out.  It said:

You’re probably asleep…But goodness me.  You have a child 🙂  of three months old no less

I get that ‘omigod I have a child!!’ shock quite a lot.  It is quite strange.  I still can’t believe I grew this little guy.  In my belly of all places.  And that he is growing this big solely on my boob juice!!  How weird is that?!  I just can’t believe that we’ve got to this point.  We’ve reached 3 months old!

I say ‘we’ because I’m in shock that I’ve survived this long!  He has done his best to try and break me.  I now have a (minor) wrist injury as he is heavy and has decided that he’ll only sleep if he’s rocked or nursed to sleep.  This is a habit we need to get him out of I think.  I won’t always be around or able to nurse him and he is getting quite long for the SnuggleBundle which we use to rock him to sleep.

I keep being amazed at how much he changes week on week.  The things he is learning, and the speed he learns them, is just unbelievable.  He is learning to grab, ‘talk’, sit up etc without us even having to teach him.  Baby brains are pretty cool.  I do keep getting these ‘wow’ feelings quite often!

Here are some pics of him pre-crawling.  He squirms and moves in all kind of funny ways.

DSC00121 DSC00126 DSC00128 DSC00129 DSC00136 DSC00140 DSC00150 DSC00152DSC00156


Today he was on his tummy and I left him while we ate breakfast.  Then we heard a little scream.  I went to look at him and he had moved forward almost a foot!  We have NO IDEA how he did it.  He was quite shocked and upset, I don’t think it was intentional!   We have both also witnessed him roll from his tummy to back, but again it was accompanied by crying and so I think it was more falling than rolling.


He still enjoys his books

DSC00035DSC00019DSC09992 DSC09990



hitting toys,




and sleeping!

IMG_2892 DSC09956 IMG_2875


It has been hard at times though.  Today he cried for almost 2 hours straight and nothing I could do would soothe him.  He is STILL suffering from painful wind that wakes him up at night and also has awful eczema so I have started cutting milk out of my diet in case he is intolerant of cows milk proteins.  I miss my cereal 😦

We have spent most of this month going for walks, doing baby massage, visiting family and friends and enjoying the sunshine.  It has been pretty blissful and I love my baby so much!!




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