4 months old and on the move!


Roo is now 4 months old!
He has learnt a lot in the past month including rolling back to front and front to back and crying (or moaning really) if he doesn’t get things exactly how we wants them!  He reaches out to grabs people’s faces and can now pick up big items using two hands.  Almost everything he picks up goes straight to his mouth.  And he blows raspberries!!  Big ones!  All day long!  He is a funny little thing 🙂

Rolling front to back:

Rolling back to front:

Some of his favourite toys/ things to do at the moment are:

The Skwish and Winkle from Manhattan Toys as they are so easy for him to grab and stick in his mouth

Skwish:  unbranded-skwish-classic-manhattan-toyWinkel:  fd37468f9f437abaa342cea2727de4f9


We also love saying “Roo is playing with his winkel!”  Tee hee hee (immature humour)

He loves munching on his MAM teether as he is now teething and dribbling everywhere!


Dr Seuss books have become his favourite reading material because there’s a lot of pages with only a few words per page so the pages get turned quickly and he stays entertained by the bombardment of images!  Also I like reading them.  They are sooo much more interesting and fun to read than a book of  ‘colours’ or ‘opposites’.  At this point he’s not really taking it all in anyway, he’s just getting used to the way pages turn and that books can be fun.



So funny!!

Roo also loves singing (or rather, listening to singing!). We go to a great group called Thula Mama where we learn beautiful short songs (usually African lullabies) which the babies love listening to. Whenever I sing Reuben smiles 😀  This is us singing La Dumi Zulu.



This is a really exciting time, he is engaging so much more with us and the things around him.  He reaches out to touch things and babbles and talks, it’s absolutely adorable!!  Eczema is still a big problem, that hasn’t improved despite me cutting out dairy, eggs, nuts, fish, wheat, gluten, soy, caffeine and chocolate from my diet!   So I’m reintroducing them all as it was quite tricky to avoid all of that.  I ended up eating rice cakes or rice milk with rice crispies and rice for dinner….perhaps he is allergic to rice!!!

Now that he can roll his bedside cosleeper is frequently vacated as he prefers to snuggle next to mummy!  Unfortunately I don’t enjoy that so much as I find it really difficult to sleep with him up against me.  I worry far too much and it turns out that I like to roll and move around in my sleep, which I can’t do without waking him up and I can’t really turn my back to him.  So at the moment I keep plonking him back in his own bed but at least the cosleeper means he can see my face and knows we are close by if he needs us.


I’ve taken some lovely photos of him this month, and am currently taking lots of photos of his friends too…perhaps I could get a little business going here?!

DSC00242 (4)DSC00221 (2)  DSC00249 (2) DSC00249 (3)

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