Some success?!



Why have I got a photo of Roo’s feet? Because if you zoom out you will see…..


a SLEEPING baby!!

I think this is demonstrating that our process is working. Here’s what happened:

7.45am Roo woke up with a little whimper (a big improvement on full blown screaming)

He is normally awake for 2hrs at a time before needing to nap.

7.45 to 9.35am He fed, pushed our some poos, watched mummy eat breakfast, watched mummy empty the dishwasher, had a ton of eczema cream slathered on, got dressed and had a nursery rhyme singing session.

9.35am it was 10 minutes until I knew he would need a nap but he wasn’t showing any signs of tiredness yet so I left him in his room to play while I showered. I heard him fussing slightly when I was in the shower but it wasn’t much.

9.45am I go to his room with the plan of putting him in his crib and starting the process if getting him to sleep. But then I saw him with his head down, moving it around to get a comfortable position.
He was self soothing!
I stood in the doorway not interrupting and watched as he murmured to himself a little bit then fell asleep.

Was that right? Asleep!!!!

No rocking, no nursing, no pram, no car, no sling carrier, no Ewan and no mummy!

My independent little boy is learning 😀 Happy mummy!

Now let’s see if this continues…

Night time update:
Carried on with the same principles as before- no nursing or rocking to sleep.
It took about 20 minutes after bedtime routine to get him to fall asleep with Ewan, daddy rubbing his back and mummy patting his bottom!
He woke 4 times in the night, 3 of those times were feeding (11pm, 2am, 5am) but he didn’t really eat properly in the 2am feed so I think I can cut that out. At 5am he was actually awake for an hour pushing out poos and playing. When I put him back in bed he fell asleep almost instantly!
He also woke at 1am after daddy started tossing and turning in bed. These two wake each other up! It was difficult to get him back to sleep after that. It was 20 minutes of stroking his back before he dropped off, only for him to wake 40minutes later for food!
Thankfully no awful screams yet 🙂

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