Eczema flare up


You won’t normally see photos of Roo looking like this. Generally people only take photos of their babies looking good. But this is our reality. This is why I’ve been trying elimination diets and why Roo has been on steroids for over half his life. This is why we’ve given up on sleep training and weaning.
We have a lot of support- doctors, community nurses, family and my neighbors (who lent us a fan last night). But until we find the trigger the flare ups will continue to happen. And the pediatrician appointment isn’t for another month šŸ˜¦
I know it’s not life threatening, but I hate to see my poor baby so upset and uncomfortable. I am constantly having to keep him distracted and he is so fidgety he just can’t keep still.
I’ve never had eczema, but I imagine it feels as itchy as the 2 midge bites I have in my knee bend crease – ie. very itchy!! Ā I can’t imagine having that all over my body. Ā  The hot weather is not helping at all.


So if you’ve been expecting to hear from me, and I’ve gone all quiet, then it’s probably because I am spending all day distracting Roo and trying to comfort him. Ā Sorry!

IMG_3393 IMG_3445 IMG_3843 IMG_3845 IMG_3853 IMG_3867

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  1. Sending all the love your way and positive thoughts too! I hope Roo gets better!


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