Cauliflower rice, courgette pasta and banana icecream


Simon is on a Keto (no carbs) diet and I am dairy free to see if it helps Roo’s eczema so we have been a bit creative with meals!  Mostly they are just some kind of meat + some kind of veg but we have found some really interesting alternatives that are super easy online that I wanted to share with you.


1.  Cauliflower Rice

Ok, so this tastes nothing like real rice but it kinda looks the same and you can fool your brain a bit.  It just provides something tasty to have on the side.  We had it with beef mince, which also had spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes in it.

Easiness: 4/5

Taste: 3/5

Cost: Cheaper than real rice

Method:  Get a cauliflower, grate it with a cheese grater.  Fry some onions and garlic then add the cauliflower and fry for 3/4 minutes.

Options: Add cumin seeds and salt for more flavour


2.  Courgette pasta

This is a great alternative to real pasta.  Once again, it doesn’t really taste like pasta but it has the same texture and thickness so I like it!  Much, much, much healthier than real pasta and a lot quicker to cook.  We had it with salmon in a teriyaki marinade.

Easiness: 5/5

Taste: 4/5

Cost: Probably on par with buying pasta

Method: Get 1 courgette per person and use a peeler to peel thick, long slices.  Stir fry briefly until you get the consistency (?) you like.  Ie. for ‘al dente’ courgette you would fry it for a shorter time.

Options:  Add any pasta sauce.


3.  Banana icecream


Cutting out dairy in the summer sucks.  No icecream!!!  Aaargh!  It’s a miserable life!  But here’s an alternative.  Ok, it’s nothing like ice cream really, but it’s cold and mushy and you can flavour it to fool yourself.  It’s pretty much baby food.  Which is good because then your baby can share it with you!  (mine did!)

Easiness: 4/5

Taste: 5/5

Cost: More expensive than cheap icecream but cheaper than expensive ice cream!

Method: Get some overripe bananas (the more mushy they are, the less they will taste of banana).  Cut them up and put the chunks in the freezer for an hour.  Take out and blend in a blender until creamy.

Options:  Add chocolate drops, vanilla flavouring, dessicated coconut, berries etc.  Flavour it how you like it!

Being on a strange diet certainly teaches you new things in the kitchen. Hope you enjoy these!

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