6 months and making noises!


DSC01100 (2)

I’m about 3 weeks late writing this because it turns out that 6 month olds don’t nap as much and need a lot of entertaining!  

I love my son so so much! Did you notice I put ‘son’ instead of ‘baby’? He’s developed so much this month that I’ve really started seeing him as an independent boy with his own little personality, rather than a babe in arms.

This month he has learnt to sit, rock on all four’s, reach for toys, splash in the bath, hit things to make noise and laugh!


He’s also starting to communicate with us in his own way. He lets me know he wants milk by leaning back and biting my top! Actually he’s done this to a few female friends too (to much embarrassment!). We know if he wants food as he cheekily just leans over and grabs it off our plate! He reaches for his water cup if he wants water too.

The absolute best thing about this age is that he can sit up, but can’t yet crawl! That means we can plonk him just about anywhere and he can only touch what is in arms reach. He’s just about learnt that if he reaches too far for something he’ll fall over! I’ve been trying not to react every time he falls and so he’s quite good at not fussing or crying when he does.

Roo’s favourite toys at the moment are any that make a noise! He loves shaking bells:

Hitting this toy musical drum:

Playing piano:

And pressing the button on his baby music player:

This month I’ve also really seen evidence of what Montessori calls ‘the absorbent mind’. The idea is that of you present an activity to a child that is developmentally appropriate then the child will become fully absorbed in it. A task that is too easy will result in boredom, while one that is too hard results in frustration. If it is just right then they can become completely absorbed – and they do! This then is called ‘work’ and the child shouldn’t be interrupted until they feel they have finished. This might involve repeating an activity over and over again.

Just the other day we arrived home from a walk and I wanted to take Reuben out of the pram. But he was completely absorbed in the activity of trying to hold the label of his toy. It was fascinating to him! So I left him on the doorstep in the pram for him to finish his ‘work’. Trying to grasp small items is his main ‘work’ at the moment. He also ‘works’ at trying to reach toys which are far away. He hates it if someone sees him struggling and hands him the toy- the game is getting to the toy, not the toy itself!

Eczema and sleeping update
We discovered that Roo is allergic to eggs by giving him a bit of scrambled egg and seeing the reaction! He started screaming at a pitch we’ve never heard before in the first 10 minutes, then got covered in hives and then had 3 days of disgustingly eggy farts!! Eugh!! (We gave him piriton immediately, I hate to think what would have happened if we hadn’t).
He has also started being able to drink from a bottle (yaaaaaayyyy!!!) and had a reaction to his hypoallergenic formula milk. Yup, the milk that he is not meant to be allergic to! So now we both are on a very strict no dairy, no eggs diet.
Sleeping still is a mess. As he wakes at the end of every sleep cycle he scratches his eczema and then starts crying. He can’t do the whole ‘rolling over and going back to sleep’ thing as he is just so itchy all the time. So I’m up 4 or 5 times a night and appear to have insomnia to boot. I’m currently typing this at 5am when he is actually asleep!

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