8 months and his personality is starting to show

Now that Reuben can crawl, his personality is really starting to show. He has started communicating as well. He can gesture and moan when he wants something and bites my shoulder if he’s hungry! I don’t like the biting but I have to admit it’s an effective way for him to get his message across!

With these new communication skills he is able to let me know what he likes best. He actually shakes with excitement when he sees one of his favourite ‘toys’. They’re not what I would have expected them to be.

So this is Reuben’s list of toys you should buy your 8 month old, sorted by room:


All time favourite








This toy produces shakes, jiggles, smiles, laughs and general all round excitement. See this video for the most excited baby ever!



Yup, he loves to brush his teeth!  (or suck on it anyway!)














Generally he prefers my hairbrush to his.  He investigates the bristles with his fingers.
And what baby doesn’t love water bottles?!


Upstairs hallway:

This is a wicker basket that he likes to stroke and feel.


Reuben’s bedroom:

This isn’t actually one of his toys.  It’s mine!  It’s a mobile that was hanging up but he managed to get it all knotted through some really not-very-vigorous playing.  It wasn’t meant for little hands.  So now it’s out of reach but he goes crazy with excitement when I’m carrying him and he can reach out for it!



One of our best charity shop buys.  £2 for this Winnie the Pooh bead and wire tabletop thing.  It has suckers to keep it to the table and Roo likes to try and reach the beads that are furthest away from him.






Even more typical!  And note – this is the real remote, not the fake one that we gave him to munch on.  How do they know?!



We’ve had to put a lock on the outside of the toilet door to stop Roo from going in and playing with this rug.  Seriously?!  A bathroom rug?!  I can’t explain why he loves this…he just does!


Downstairs hallway:

This tealight holder has been on the windowsill for Reuben’s whole life.  I first noticed him staring at it when he was just a few months old.  He uses it as a ‘waymarker’ of sorts.  If he can see it then he’s home!
As soon as he started reaching out for things, this is one thing he always reaches out for.  It’s pretty glass plus has one of his favourite features – black handles.



Ducks and streetlights!  He loves it when we make duck noises, and his first unprompted laugh was at the ducks.
I can’t explain the streetlights.  He will stare at every single one.  Every.  Single.  One.   As we go past he follows them with his eyes.  If  I stop the pram he will even smile or laugh at them.  Initially I thought he was looking at the trees and that my little bubba was a proper nature baby.  Alas, turns out he’s a lighting geek.  Ho hum.



Not the list you were expecting? Yeah, me neither. 8 month olds can find excitement in just about anything! It’s also surprised me that he remembers what he likes and that these preferences haven’t actually changed for at least a couple of months.  I wonder if being drawn to particular things is innate?

As you can also see, he is naturally drawn to objects with different textures and different materials- the rug on the toilet floor, the wicker basket in the hallway, the green glass lamp. He loves touching them and holding with one hand and investigating with the other.  I imagine this is an important time in his life to learn about the properties of different materials and being tactile with them is essential for this.

I can’t wait to see how his interests progress and change (or not) over time.  My mum always says that she could see her daughters’ personalities from a very young age.  My older sister (now a jeweller) was caught on video with her new ‘foot bracelet’ (an elastic band) at 2 years old.  My younger sister, now studying Maths at university, did pages and pages of long division for fun.  And I used to get all my marbles and teddies and line them up in height order, colour order, or sort them thematically.  Not sure what that says about me…

So perhaps Reuben will be a duck-loving streetlight technician who is really into personal grooming!



***Eczema update***

Reuben’s skin at the moment is fantastic!  And not only is his skin fantastic – so is he!  Since he is no longer itchy all the time he has transformed from a moany, needy little boy to a happy, cheeky chappy who gives me kisses and smiles and laughs a lot!   An entry in my diary from earlier says, “Reuben is a serious little boy, no giggles or smiles yet”.  How happy am I that that has changed!  He is so loving, he greets both Simon and I with huge smiles and reaches out for a hug.  He doesn’t need constant carrying, comforting or distracting any more.  He even makes jokes!

The major changes are that he can now:

– play alone (previously I would have to play with him to distract him from scratching too much)

– eat a meal without getting it all over himself!  (for some reason he would put his hands in his mouth getting them covered in food and then spread the food by scratching!)

– sleep through the night

– sleep without scratch sleeves (I’ve done this on a couple of occasions, but it still makes me feel uncomfortable)

– crawl, sit up, pull himself to standing (ok, so he would have learnt all these anyway but his progress to crawl was greatly hindered by a desire to scratch)

I’m hopeful that this will continue but that is assuming the regime he is on will work.  His skin is perfect for now because he is on an extremely strong steroid cream (Elocon) twice a day.  That will drop down to once a day this week, then once every other day, then once every 3 days etc.  I have a feeling that when we drop down his eczema will just come back again.  I hope not.

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