10 Months and Making Friends

Little Roo has discovered that there’s other littles! He has little friends and although they have noticed each other before, they are now starting to really get excited when they see each other. Reuben is also learning about the parts of the face. And poking his fingers up nostrils and in eyes is a lot of fun for him!

He definitely has favourites. With some babies he smiles at them, tries to give them kisses and crawls around after them. With others they just fight over toys!

His other developments this month have been the beginning of standing un-aided, starting his first baby signs (predominantly the sign for bird, he still bites me to say that he’s hungry despite me continually doing the sign for it!) and pointing to things. He has also learnt how to use the home made object permanence box (see other post).

Eczema and sleeping update

His eczema is kept under control with twice daily applications of Betnovate.  This is pretty potent so we have to reduce the amounts and go down to a weaker steroid gradually.  Unfortunately every time we have tried to go down to once daily applications his eczema flares again.  We have had loads of comments of people saying, “Oh he’s better now!”.  No, he’s not ‘better’.  The eczema is just kept at bay with the steroid creams.  Long term use is not recommended, there are side effects.  So this is just a temporary fix.

After we came back from Barcelona (where he had a hospital visit for an allergy-induced fever), he had a serious allergic reaction at home where his faced puffed up.  We shoved some Piriton antihistamine down his throat and drove to hospital at 60mph.  I was relieved to hear him cry the whole way so I knew his throat wasn’t closing up, but it was so worrying and tense.  At hospital he had oral steroids and now we have been prescribed Epi-pens to keep on us and he has been referred to a London hospital to see paedeatric allergy specialists as he has multiple serious allergies.  I hope that there they will be able to give us a plan on how to introduce new foods.

At the moment he is just on fruit, vegetables and meat.  He doesn’t have dairy, nuts, eggs or fish and we haven’t tried him with any grains, wheat or gluten.  We tried to introduce new foods by starting with oats (porridge) for breakfast.  I had heard that very few people are allergic to oats and they contain no gluten.  He started waking up screaming every night with bad wind, so oats are a no-no.  It seems like there’s not going to be much his body can tolerate.

On the upside- he now sleeps so well!  He goes to sleep at 6.30-7pm, wakes up for a bottle at about 4am then goes back to sleep for another 2-4hrs.  Sometimes sleeping 14 hours a night!  He doesn’t really nap much in the day any more, only a very short nap once a day.  He’s very young to be dropping naps, but is sleeping so well at night so I don’t mind.

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