12 months and a Toddler!!

I’ve been alive a whole year!

I got an email from Babycentre titled ‘Your Toddler this week’.  My what?!?  My toddler?!  I don’t have a toddler.  Do I??  It was only last week that the email was titled ‘Your Baby this week’.  Things can’t change that drastically…can they?!

So Reuben is a year old!  And apparently a baby no longer 😦    This also means that I can no longer complain of ‘baby brain’ I guess 😦

His development is at a shocking rate, and every day I’m amazed at how little humans can learn so much, so quickly.  Also I’m amazed at how much he can communicate, despite not being able to speak.  He very clearly lets me know what he wants, and very clearly complains when he doesn’t get it!

So a little bit about Roo as a 1 year old…

He loves music.  Especially playing piano and being sung to.  He doesn’t just bash the keys on a piano, he methodically plays one key over and over, or will stretch up to play a tinkle on the ‘top’ keys.  He looks like a cute little mini Mozart when he sits at the piano, and I love putting it on Demo mode and pretending he’s a musical genius 🙂

He loves books.  Especially ones with flaps!  He is great at opening flaps but surprisingly clumsy at turning just 1 page at a time.  I have to help him with that.  His favourite book is ‘Where’s Spot’.  He knows that for each flap the answer is ‘Noooo’ and then for the last flap he looks at me expectantly and claps and smiles as I say ‘Yayyy!’.  (Can you tell I love reading it too?)


He loves the outdoors.  If we’re not outdoors then he’s sitting on the windowsill chatting to himself while looking at the birds, dogs and people that populate our street.  When we take him out he prefers to be in a carrier on our back (either the Connecta or Little Life Ultralight) so that he can reach out to touch trees.  I’m romanticising.  He does love ducks and trees but streetlights still hold a special place in his heart and he gets excited when we go past one, Every. Single. Time.

He loves swings, seeing friends, eating anything, putting inedible things in his mouth, and the TV show ‘Baby Jake’.

He is very loving (clingy?).  It kind of happens in a converse way to what I would expect.  He is more independent when we’re out somewhere new than when we’re at home.  In fact when we’re out he couldn’t care less about us!  He goes off and plays and explores and couldn’t care less what we did.  At soft play he prefers to be far away from me with the bigger kids.  Same at stay and play.  But at home he frequently wants hugs and cuddles and to sit within touching distance of us.  He’ll play alone for a long time, but only if we’re in the same room.  If we change room he’ll be there within a few minutes, and will play in that room with us.

He communicates!  It’s a mixed blessing being able to understand him because now I have to say No!  I have to do some ‘proper’ parenting and place boundaries on things.  No Roo, you can’t touch that.  No Roo, that’s not yours.  No Roo, you’ve already had crisps today.  I’m doing parenting!!  For his part, Roo complains every time I stop him from getting what he wants.  And at the moment that’s usually my lip balm.  Yes, he has eaten lip balm.



Walking isn’t happening yet, and I’ll be honest I’m not really giving him any incentives to try it or practice it.  I’m terrified what life will be like with a walker!  It’s extremely unlikely that he’ll be able to walk quicker than he can crawl, at first. But I would have to accept that he’s no longer my little baby.

To me…he is the most perfect little boy in the whole world!!

I absolutely love him to bits!  I know the years ahead are going to be full of toddler tantrums, arguments and teenage smelliness (eugh), but right now he is still a huggable little bundle of cuteness and I intend to make the most of it 🙂

Reuben’s special birthday cake was made from dates, cocoa powder and coconut oil. He loves it!


Eczema, allergies and sleeping update

A lot has happened!  Reuben got an appointment at a London hospital’s allergy clinic as he is allergic to so much and we’ve had rushes to hospital with anaphylactic reactions and everything.  They were great there- in one visit he saw a doctor and a dietician and had skin prick testing and blood testing.  Reuben was in tears through most of it but at least we now have answers.  And the answers are – he is allergic to everything!  Aaargh!  Or it seems like everything – nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, salmon, sesame, horse hair.  And there’s the likelihood that he is also allergic to other seeds, rye and barley but he wasn’t tested for them.  On the plus side, we can now feed him soya, rice, coconut and cod which gives us some more meal options and there are some milk replacement products he can have.

His eczema is still kept under control with steroids.  Interestingly we now only need a very small amount of the potent steroid daily to keep it under control, but if we use a lot of the mild steroid it doesn’t work.  He has had 2 flare ups recently, one caused by a cold spell and the other by an illness.  Both affected his face the most which was a shame as I really don’t want to use steroids on his face.

His illness also affected his sleep, which was going so well!  He was sleeping through the night in his own bed and then he got ill and Bam!  Everything went out the window!  He was so upset about being snuffly that he was waking really often, and I found I was spending more time in his room than my own bed.  Then he got a fever and I preferred to keep him in with us to keep an eye on him and give frequent doses of Calpol.  The illness lasted a week, which was long enough for sharing our bed to become routine!  And to be completely honest, Simon and I are starting to love cosleeping!   It’s such a joy to wake up with a smiley child patting your back (or even hitting it for that matter!).  Reuben is back in his bed now he’s better, but frequently comes into ours at about 2 or 3am.

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