No toys needed here!

Toys are wonderful!  But they’re actually a fairly recent invention.  Babies are more than happy to play for really long, extended periods of time with a few items from around the home.  This is Reuben today:


He’s playing with a lot of old nappy and tissue boxes, empty after our recent flu and cold sessions!


Some cut up Christmas cards.


Curtain rings and tokens from other games, in a bag made from an old t-shirt sleeve.


Tennis balls, sensory balls, Pringles tubes.


And of course, mummy’s hand is great for putting things into as well!

Reuben really enjoys transferring items from one place to another, and those tokens and cut up pieces of card will just go in and out of each of the boxes.  He’s playing with it all as I type this, and right now he is just putting as much as he can into the big nappy box!  It just goes to show that money isn’t needed for great play times.  Allowing our children to play with a few old boxes is an opportunity for them to show us how creative they can be.

Note:  This isn’t ‘Montessori’ as such.  Montessori activities are meant to be completed by the child the same way they are shown to by an adult.  If they ‘misuse’ the items they are meant to be taken away.  This is free reign, so Reuben can be much more creative.

What has become a popular ‘toy’ for your child, that is an everyday object from around the home?

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