Reuben at 15 months

I love this age!  I remember my little sister being this age and it was definitely the cutest time.  They can follow and understand instructions, but they can’t talk back!  My little sister became my slipper-bearer whenever my feet were cold and I’m quickly training Reuben to do the same! 😉

So Reuben at 15 months is a cutie :D. He has finally got a full head of hair with some gorgeous curls in it, still not completely sure of the colour!  A mix somewhere between blond, brunette and ginger- it’s still to be made clear!  As is his height- we still don’t know if he’ll be short like me or giant like Simon- I’m still hoping for somewhere in the middle!

Reuben isn’t as physically capable as other toddlers his age.  He can’t really run yet, can’t go down a slide alone, has only just learnt to kick a ball, falls over a lot and only (finally) today feels confident crawling backwards down the stairs.  He is my child for sure!

But what he lacks in physical ability, he certainly makes up for in teeth!  16 so far, I think – it’s a risky business putting a finger in that mouth to count!!
He is also pretty good at communicating.   In fact, I’ve been amazed at some of the ‘conversations’ we’ve had.  He says these words very clearly:

Gone, dad, mama, nanna, grandpa, home, ball, car, cooker, more, no, shoes, daisy, look, banana, head, up, hat, uh-oh, kick

And these are words that we recognise, but most people wouldn’t!:

Dog, cat, grandma, nose, toes, ears, hair, duck, Hoover, light, washing

He also does baby signing, although it mostly looks like he’s just waving his arms around crazily:

No more, all done, bus, happy, bird, digger, hot, train, helicopter, elephant, light, food, noise/ sound

Video of Reuben chatting and singing at breakfast.

I really think the baby signing has helped him to cement meanings of words.  It’s easier for him to recognise it each time I say it so he makes the connections with their meanings quicker.  I taught him ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ when we saw them in a book.  Now, every time he cries I make the sign for sad and ask him if he’s sad.  He immediately smiles and does the sign for happy!

I was filling up the car just the other day and I could see through the window that Reuben needed to wipe his nose, so I signed to him to wipe his nose.  He signed back “no” “gone” and then pointed down the side of his car seat- he was telling me he couldn’t wipe his nose because he had dropped his handkerchief.  Conversations!!!

IMG_1324Reuben’s favourite things at the moment are cars, music and watering the plants.  There’s a definite gender bias in the toys that he picks.  Anything to do with vehicles he gets very excited about!  Planes, fire engines, diggers, cars- he loves them all and gets very excited!  He also loves football.  He once saw a girl playing with a football in the park and that was it- the swings and slide got forgotten and he just wanted to play with that ball!   I’m firmly of the belief that gender bias are nature, not nuture.  Believe me, I am so uninterested in cars and football, I didn’t influence this!
I have tried to encourage him to be musical though.  He got a gorgeous mini piano for his birthday and he also has a kazoo, a drum and a basket of shakers.  He cutely sings in a babble kind of way when he’s playing, and if I sing ‘la, la, la’ then he’ll join in going ‘la, la, la’ too- so cute!!

IMG_1305One of his favourite books is called ‘Letterland’.  It’s how I was introduced to letters when I was a child.  I saw the book in a charity shop and grabbed it – I remembered all the characters so clearly, it was obviously a very effective way to teach letters.  So, with no intention to be a pushy parent at all I might add, Reuben has ended up learning some of his letters.  I say ‘letters’, but really what he has learnt is what sound is associated with what page of the book.  I was absolutely gobsmacked the first time he copied me making the letter sounds.  Then I was even more gobsmacked when he pointed to the letter ‘A’ (Annie Apple) and said ‘Ah!’ loud and clear!  He now recognises A, B, C, D, E, H, L, M.  I think he recognises the others but he is so little he isn’t able to make some of the sounds (like ‘f’).

IMG_1461So overall, he’s a cutie chatterbox singer who we love SO SO MUCH!  He makes us laugh so much now, having a toddler can be tiring but I smile or laugh every single day.  So…toddlers or babies?!  I can’t decide which I prefer!

Our plans for the next few months are to:

– Take him swimming more – we went one day when his skin was clear and he LOVED it.   He wanted to jump in from the side and swim so desperately.

– Teach him patience, using the sign for ‘wait’

– Get him to walk more than using the pushchair, especially for short local walks into town

– Have lots of fun and lots of play times smiles and laughs!

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