Vocabulary at 18 months

Roo chats a lot now!!   I love working out what he’s trying to say and hearing him say new words.  Recently has been a bit of a vocab explosion with at least 1 new word every day.

I try to encourage him to talk by making sure I consciously always use the same word for variations of the same thing.  E.g. a ‘cup’ is always a ‘cup’ and never a glass, mug, beaker, sippy cup or anything else.

These are the words he can say at 18 months.  Specifically, the day he turned 18 months!  I really enjoyed listing all the words he knows, and realising just how large his vocabulary is now.  Of course, some of these aren’t elocuted very clearly and need a bit of mummy translation 😉



Parts of the body

Hair, head, nose, eyes, ears, belly, legs, arms, hands, nipple, willy


Clothes, shoes, hat, socks, jumper


Daisies, grass, river, pushchair, puddle, flower, stick, leaf


Plane, helicopter, car, truck, digger, train, bus, ‘dig dig’, ‘roll roll’, ‘nee-naw’

At home

Home, bed, light, shower, book, door, towel, sink, window, latch, cooker, mirror

Food and drink

Spoon, milk, dip, bottle, banana, toast, cracker, fork, bowl, biscuit, crisps, lid


Pig, horse, dog, cat, zebra, duck, cow, bird, fish, bees, sheep, giraffe, chicken, squirrel, farmer, farm, ‘woof woof’, ‘buzz buzz’


Mama, Dada, Grandma, Grandpa, Nanna, Filo and 3 other family names


More, no, kick, ball, look, ‘uh oh’, that, hi, bye, all gone, go, poo-poo, up, down, stop, purple, yellow, green, bubbles



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