It’s all gone a bit quiet here (Roo at 20 months)

Hi all,

So I haven’t been updating every month and I have a fair few good excuses!!  For a start, there’s hyperemesis gravidarum (ie. non stop throwing up) which has come as a lovely addition to this pregnancy.  I can’t believe how different (and difficult) this pregnancy is compared to the first.  I’m getting aches and pains all over, my bump is the size of Wales, I can’t stop crying and I’ve been hospitalised with starvation.  So I’m more dull than ‘glowing’ right now.

Second excuse is that we’re thinking of moving house.  And seeing how having a child and moving house are meant to be the 2 most stressful things you can do in life, I’m pretty stressed!


So, now Reuben is 20 months, how is he?!

He is fantastically, uber-wonderfully, beautifully gorgeous!!  (Pregnancy emotions are making me well up typing this!!)  I just love my little boy to bits!  He is so sweet.  He comes into our room in the mornings and gives us both kisses, and he usually kisses my belly too.  He really is very affectionate and always wants cuddles any time of the day.  He is also very laid back and placid.  If another child takes his toys he just lets them go with a bit of a frown and a shrug.  Might have to give him some assertiveness training!  But he doesn’t get really upset when he has toddler squabbles, he just takes it all on the chin and gets on with something else.


He is also an outdoors adventurer!  We have been going on nature walks with his little all-in-one waterproof and his bucket.  He’s collected leaves and conkers and has also collected mud (much to my dismay) which he then investigated by smearing it into the pram.

Yup, he loves being outdoors, which brings us to the news of the month – Roo has started nursery!  He does a total of 6 hours a week and it is all done in an outdoor, multi-age setting near us.  It’s wonderful.  They go for walks, have hot chocolate round a campfire, play in sand/ water/ mud/ dens, play with rabbits and chickens and have all the activities of a ‘normal’ nursery like painting and train tracks.  The fact that it is multi-age means he is surrounded by a small group of children up to 5 years old, and has plenty of opportunities to learn from the older ones.  The sandpit really irritates the eczema on his hands though, so that’s something we need to keep a watch on.


Reuben’s communication has been improving rapidly.  He now babbles all the time in the most adorable way.  I’m sure he thinks he is saying fully reasonable sentences so I normally respond with “Ok” “Is that right?” “Really?” or just describing whatever he can see / hear.  He now has a vocabulary of hundreds of words and has started 3 word sentences such as “More pasta please”, “No more mama”, “Where’s my mummy?”.  We have little conversations now including non-verbal ones.  For example, this evening at bath time we both started making silly faces to each other, then bursting out laughing.  It’s so fun to be able to joke and laugh with him!

He is growing a lot but is only at 25th percentile now.  Not sure how he dropped that much but I still get comments every day saying he’s tall or big, so we’ll see.  He’s gone up 2 shoe sizes in the past couple of months, but is still 1 shoe size behind his friends his age, so I think overall he is quite little.



Time spent with Roo isn’t all idyllic and blissful though.  He has started to hit the ‘terrible twos’ which everyone says actually come at 18 months.  I respond to any tantrum-like crying in a very calm way.  He never gets what he wants and I just let him cry it out.  There hasn’t been too many yet, but I can see this becoming more of an issue over time.  He also hit me for the first time this week.  I calmly held his hands, told him we don’t hit people and gave him a pillow to hit instead.  He was happy with that!  We also divert hitting into high 5’s and that seems to satisfy him too.

Toys-wise, he now mainly plays with 3 things – his box of Duplo (he graduated up from baby Duplo to ‘real’ Duplo at 18 months), his Brio train track and his pretend kitchen.  I get lots of lovely fake cups of tea!  We don’t have any imaginary food yet though so he’s eating threading beads!  🙂  He also likes drawing and in the photo below he’s doing  a picture matching puzzle.  He doesn’t concentrate for very long periods of time but that’s possibly because this puzzle is too easy for him.  I need to think of more creative things for him to do.


I have been incredibly anxious the past few weeks with the thought of coping with 2 children under 2 years old.  I’m worried it will affect my relationship with Roo, and with Simon.  I’m worried Roo will get jealous or start acting out in response to a new baby being around.  And I’m worried that I will be exhausted!!  I need to chill out and relax about it all a bit more now.  This baby is now viable, there’s no going back, we are going to be a family of 4.  If that brings some hard times I’m certain it will be compensated by some amazing times too!  I just have to keep reminding myself of that!


If it all goes quiet here then we’re probably (hopefully) moving house!

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