22 months and so helpful


I am now 8 months pregnant and have finally got over hyperemesis gravidarum, the anaemia is being treated with iron tablets and my glucose levels have been checked and declared normal.  It has been a difficult pregnancy but at the moment I feel good, and at times I can even forget I’m pregnant! 

Berry is doing well.  He’s back to back at the moment which isn’t ideal but there’s still plenty of time for him to turn.  He kicks like crazy, and my belly has had some moments of moving like there’s an alien inside it!


So how is Reuben?   He’s perfect!  Now that my energy levels are up with iron tablets I am enjoying his company so much.  He is a ‘proper’ little boy now!  We have conversations and have a laugh together.  He makes jokes in his own little way and I’m loving sharing my days with him and teaching him new things.  There are lovely moments in every day that I am so grateful for.  Just small things like our heads touching while we both blow on his food to make it cooler.  Or him holding my hand when walking outside because it’s dark.  Or us singing songs and laughing together.  I love it!


He has got to the age where he wants to mimic mummy and daddy and so we’ve been encouraging him to do that.  I got a wonderful Vileda set which included a broom, mop and dustpan and brush all child sized but made the same way as the adults versions so he can genuinely help and be a useful member of our family.  I prefer this to items that are for play only e.g. fake hoovers.

He now feeds himself, drinks from a glass shot glass, wipes his table, puts away his shoes and outdoor clothing, puts dirty washing in the basket, takes out his changing mat when needed, puts creams on himself twice a day, cleans his teeth and puts away all his toys.

Tidying up his toys has been such a lovely surprise!  I always got him to help me a little bit, but now he’s got to the stage where he will tidy his toys away completely unprompted when he has finished playing.  It’s wonderful!!!  I hope it sticks 🙂


We use the phrases “mummy help” and “Reuben help” a lot now.  Reuben will often ask to help me.  He really enjoys cooking.  He will wash vegetables using a little nail brush.  He can also help peel vegetables and he likes to sit on the counter and mix food while its cooking.  But his favourite thing is to shake in herbs and spices!  We often end up with very flavourful dishes!


As well as helping out around the home (Montessori Practical Life activities), he has also been doing a lot of transferring.  He transfers dice by pouring from one cup to another or by using a scoop or a spoon.  The first time he did it he repeated the actions over and over and over again.  It was definitely the right activity at the right time.  I’ve been slowly introducing more complex puzzles.  It’s difficult to always make sure the activities are not too easy to be boring or too difficult to be frustrating.  It’s a constant process of trying things out and then putting them away again if they’re not quite right.

Transferring with a scoop

Reuben is at the age where he likes learning things through repetition.  We had a long time of ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson being read twice a day, and we watched the TV drama of it quite a lot!  He learnt the book so well that he could recite passages from it.

At the moment the theme is ‘Noah’s Ark’.  We watch the 8min Disney Silly Symphonies version of it and play with his Noah’s Ark playset.  I love the fact that he clings on to certain topics / themes.  Repetition is so important for children for them to learn how to predict what will come next and to practice using their memory.  Reuben is getting to the point where he can tell me what the next stage of the Noah story is before I say it (e.g. “rain!”) 

I haven’t thought of what we’ll cover next.  It will cover new homes and new baby brothers!!

Tractor singing

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