23 months on the brink of some major changes

Reuben will be turning 2 soon, but he will probably barely notice that as we are on the brink of welcoming a new baby into the family and then moving house a couple of weeks after.  We’ll also be stopping bottles, introducing him to a big bed and starting to think about potty training in the next few months! It’s going to be all change for this little boy and I’m just hoping he will adjust well.


We’ve been preparing for the new baby by leaving bits and bobs around the house. There’s ‘baby brother’s bed’ ‘baby brother’s clothes’ and ‘baby brother’s car seat’.  We’ve talked ad infinitum about how baby brother will come out of mummy’s tummy and will drink milk from mummy.  I think he gets it.  He does seem to think that every baby he sees is his baby brother though!

Roo has had a conversational leap in the past 2 weeks. It started with a haircut (a rather traumatic experience!).  When Simon came home I asked Reuben to tell him about his hair cut.

“Hair cut”

Yes, you had your hair cut.  Who cut your hair?


What did the lady have?

“Hairdryer.  Scissors.  Cut cut cut”

Yes, the lady cut your hair with scissors.

“Crying.  All done!  New bike!  Home”

Yes, you were crying but when you were all done you went on your new bike and then we came home.


This was probably the first time he could coherently tell us about something that had happened in the past.  He had previously told us odd words when we asked direct questions about past events, but mostly Reuben lived very much in the present.

All of a sudden Reuben is now talking about his life in cute little monologues and is really being understood.  Our conversations used to be based solely on what we could see at that present time, but now they can be about anything!


In the bath we chatted about which animals have tails. Over lunch we chatted about going to Rhyme time with grandma. After watching a program he can tell me what happened in the program (and will ask for it again).

He is also using his imagination.   Instead of drawing circles and zigzags he is now drawing “daddy!” (It still looks just like a scribble though!).  When reading books Reuben can now describe what he thinks is happening in the pictures. Previously I used to ask him to point to things, but now I can just ask “what’s happening?” And he will tell me.

His imagination has got to the point where he can play with just a line on the floor, pretending his finger is a train. It’s wonderful, he is so much better at entertaining himself and playing alone. I can get a lot more done.


I’m treasuring these last few weeks with just one baby boy. His poor Nanna has barely seen him as I’ve wanted him near me all the time! I’m so worried that when the new baby comes along there just won’t be as much time for the hugs, kisses, songs, stories and playing. 

The next update will be with a new baby and a new house! Exciting!!


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