Hugs for Happiness


Newborns love hugs!  They are captive hug audiences and appreciate the hug by momentarily pausing their crying.  They can’t get away so you can have as many hugs as you like!  You can sleep with them on your chest in a giant 3hr long mega – hug session.  You can cover them in kisses too and they rarely complain!


Two year old hugs are more rewarding though.  They are reciprocated.  They’re even initiated by the two year old.  They can be offered as a way of showing empathy, and act as a uniting bonding agent, bringing you closer together for a moment.  They are accompanied with smiles as they are happy to see you, or tears when they’re hurt.  They come with a big squeeeeeeze or a tender pat on the back.  They’re less often, but so rewarding.


Adult hugs are pretty rare.  There’s no time for them.  Personal boundaries (especially here in the UK) have very strict lines that shouldn’t be crossed.  They are big events, moving relationships to a new level.  Adult hugs show compassion, empathy and a joining of minds.  They show gratefulness, joy and sorrow.  They are rare moments when we reach past our personal barriers and physically touch another person.


Husband hugs…they’re the best!  They are available whenever they’re needed, and then a bit extra when they’re not.  They surprise you when you’re doing the washing up, or in the middle of the night.  They are full of unspoken words, hidden messages that only the two of you understand.  Husband hugs are warm, all encompassing, bubbles of safety.


The more two year old or baby hugs you get, the less husband hugs appear.  There’s only so many hugs one person can manage in a day.  So husband hugs become more special.  That gentle touch, that feeling of unity, that recognition that you are part of a team. 


Newborn hugs are entirely given by you, giving comfort and strength to the newborn.
Two year old hugs are mostly given by you, giving more of your strength and comfort to the two year old.
With husband hugs you get to receive rather than give, strength and comfort.  Your stores are replenished. 

On my 30th birthday I hope for a day full of newborn, two year old and husband hugs!  They are all so special and so appreciated!


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