We made it to 2 years!!


Happy birthday Reuben!


You’re now 2 years old and such a cute little character!  We all love you so much,  and feel very privileged to watch you develop your personality. 

At the moment you are…

As shown by your ability to play with just your finger and a line where the line is a train track and your finger is a train!    You also pretend that any ticket or small piece of paper is a plane!


As shown by your complete obsession with your new bike!  You are so similar to your daddy!  You want to go out on your bike all day, every day.

As shown by your concern when other children are upset.  You’ve even come close to tears and quite distressed when a character in a book I was reading to you fell in a puddle!


I hope this never changes!  Every morning at 6:45 am you climb into bed with us and you are so happy and excited that we are all together.  You give us both huge kisses and cuddles then you drag our heads together so that we kiss each other too!
You love giving baby Isaac cuddles and kisses as well.

…laid back…
It might be too soon to say this, and I am probably going to take it back in the future, but you are a laid back boy who doesn’t really tantrum.  Sure, you get very frustrated if you are struggling with something and you may cry if I won’t let you have your own way, but you get over it pretty quickly and calm down once we’ve had some quiet words with you.


I could end this post here and let it be all schmultzy and sweet, but it’s probably time for a reality check.  You are turning 2 and my sweet little boy who used to do everything I asked has learnt how to say no, how to ignore me and how to rile me up!!

Some things that are particularly annoying are…

I get it.  You can talk now and you can make noises.  But do you have to make car/ train / plane noises all the time?!


…ignoring us…
If we ask you to do something and you don’t want to do it you just pretend you haven’t heard.  It’s like talking to a brick wall!  After repeating myself 5 times there’s little else I can do apart from physically forcing you to do what I asked or give up.  I get so frustrated 😦

…easily distracted…
We’re on our way to change your nappy.   But then you see your train and you want that.  Then your pushchair.   Then a shoe which can be balanced on your head.  Then a stone.  Anything.  Everything.  You want it all and my repetition of “first nappy then that” is ignored and replaced with a squirmy tirade of 2 year old anger.

Yes, you can drive me mad!  I’m pretty certain this will even get worse as you progress as a 2 and then 3 year old.  I’m going to continue to focus on the positives, and repeat the mantra “this too shall pass!”

But hopefully it won’t pass too quickly… As I’m really enjoying this time with you!


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