Isaac at 6 months


Wow Isaac is so cute!!  

So I know I’ve had a 6 month old before, but I had forgotten what a lovely bundle of squishiess they are!!  They’re small enough to be held with 1 hand and you can smooch all over them and they love it!!

Isaac is turning out to be very different from Reuben and his personality is already shining through.  He is Mr Independent when he’s happy and Mr Moaner when he’s not.  He’s always at one extreme or the other.  

Poor second child gets abandoned a lot when I’m cleaning up Reuben’s potty accidents, making dinner, helping Roo brush his teeth etc.  I feel so guilty.   Yes, huge mum guilt.  He just ends up crying so much more than Reuben did because I can’t be in 2 places at the same time.  He is well used to being palmed off on anyone who comes to visit and he watches far too much TV.  I hate it but hopefully when Roo goes to nursery it will all be easier. 

Isaac is so physical!!  He can crawl well and will crawl across the room to come and cry or nibble at my feet!  He climbed stairs for the first time yesterday with a little support.  He was determined to follow Reuben up there!  He also walks around while we hold his hands and then cries when we stop because he wants to do it again.  Yes, he is only 6 months old!  He gets into everything already!  I think we’re going to have to start a whole new level of baby proofing. 

Sleep isn’t going well.  Much like Reuben at this age he relies on feeding to sleep, and when he wakes in the night he needs to be feeding to fall asleep again.  As I’m currently typing this he is in his cot, standing up and screaming his little heart out.  I hate sleep training.  It always seems to wear off and we have to keep repeating it.

Isaac is my scrummy little baby who I love so much!!  I just wish I had more time in the day for squidges and cuddles!!

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